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CR Speed "SPEED SECURE 3" Holster

New CR Speed "SPEED SECURE 3" - Production Competition Holster USPSA Production, Limited & Carry Optics Glock Pistols. The CR Speed "SPEED SECURE 3" - Competition Holster Expands on our SECURE 3 holster. This Holster features our innovative new spring-loaded passive retention mechanism and C-BAX hanger system.

The NEW CR Speed “SPEED SECURE 3” Holster’s Innovative Passive Retention System
is Ideally suited to USPSA Production, Limited & Carry Optics Glock Pistols.


SS3 Holster Features

  • Ambidexterous - the SS3 Holster can be easily set up for either Right or Left handed Shooters
  • Speed and Retention - the SS3
  • Adjustable - the SS3 features our all aluminium C-BAX Hanger system.
  • Modular - the SS3's injection molded holster body makes contact on the pistol,
  • only where required enhancing the draw and minimising wear 



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