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RHT IPSC Ultra-Mag 2

Ultra - Capacity for STI, SV & SPS 40 Cal IPSC Standard Guns

NEW Ultra - Mag 2 for IPSC Standard Division

RHT Ultra - Mag 2 consists of our New extended length Hi-Cap tube with our own follower, Woulff spring & OEM Flat base. "18+1 Capacity" for IPSC Standard division.

Our New magazine is designed to give you the edge over your competitors, offering Limited & Standard gun shooters previously unachievable capacity with modular frame pistols such as STI, SV & SPS.

Shooters using Para & Bul style guns have had this capacity advantage for a while. Now its your chance to level the Playing field.

  • 18 + 1 Capacity in IPSC Division "Gauranteed"
  • We have had reports of 19 + 1 Capacity by some users

Level the Playing field & get a Capacity advantage!

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