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Muzzle Platform

Retrofits to any CR Speed Holster. Also available the original CR Speed Muzzle Cup

Our Customers have requested it so we made it. The CR Speed Platform Retro-fits any CR Speed Model, for Shooters who want an alternative to our standard Muzzle cup. The Platform is supplied with 3 Inserts allowing it to be used with popular IPSC Calibres Incl. 9/38, 40 & 45.

  • The Platform can also be reversed for Short or long Pistols
  • 2 heights to accomodate all popular IPSC Pistols.
  • Available in Black or Red
  • Can be used with popular IPSC Calibres Incl. 9/38, 40 & 45

Check our drop down list for replacement CR Speed Muzzle Cups!

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