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CR Speed Spares & Accessories

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Picture of C-BAX Production Hanger

C-BAX Production Hanger

Designed for USPSA Production, Single Stack, Multi-Gun & 3 Gun Nation.
Picture of CR Holster Spares Kit

CR Holster Spares Kit

Holster Spares for CR Speed Model "A", "G", "2000" & WSM II
Picture of Muzzle Platform

Muzzle Platform

Retrofits to any CR Speed Holster. Also available the original CR Speed Muzzle Cup
Picture of Versa Hanger Kit

Versa Hanger Kit

Retrofit your Model "A", "G" or 2000 CR Speed Holster with the Versa Hanger Kit for Maximum adjustment
Picture of Versa Pouch Spacer Kit

Versa Pouch Spacer Kit

Additional Spacers for your Versa-Pouch.
Picture of Versa-Pouch 1911 Single Stack Spacer Kit

Versa-Pouch 1911 Single Stack Spacer Kit

Our Customers ask & we listen.
Picture of Versa-Pouch Adjuster Kit

Versa-Pouch Adjuster Kit

Replacemet Adjuster Kits for CR Speed Versa-Pouches